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Training and Career Development

The company attaches great importance to training and staff development, considering the high level of professional training one of the main factors of reliable work of the Company.

Professional training of employees is not only necessary for the expansion of the production task and the skills of workers, but also helps to increase the loyalty of employees of the Company to have a direct impact on the development of corporate culture.

The training center is equipped with models of industrial equipment and manuals, as well as the technical library.

The right for training and retraining of employees on the Industrial Safety is confirmed by Certificate issued by the Committee of Industrial Development and Industrial Safety, the Republican State body.

Professional training of the employees of the «Taraz Metallurgical Plant» LLP is carried out in accordance with the approved training plan for personnel, the scope of which includes:

  • Training, retraining of new employees
  • Second and related professions training
  • Professional development of employee
  • Training in Industrial Safety
  • Training in Safety and Labor Protection
  • Training on fire-technical minimum
  • Advanced training of specialists in third-party training centers

The company supports the training of the best students of specialized universities of Kazakhstan. Students are given the opportunity of traineeship at the production facilities of structural subdivisions of the company. Each student is assigned a mentor from among experienced employees. Cooperation with educational institutions allows preparing personnel for the order of the enterprise, taking into account the changing demands of the employer as the main customer, and the most striking indicator of efficiency is the employment of graduates and their relevance to the labor market.

If you have excellent academic performance and you would like to start your professional career with us, we will be happy to consider your application.

Questionnaire for students


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