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The Strategic Goals of «Taraz Metallurgical Plant» LLP

Asset optimization.

Management efficiency.

Development concept of ТМP.

Focusing on the market needs:
  • production of quality products;
  • development of innovative products demanded by the market;
  • production of import-substituting products.
Improving quality:
  • increase the competence of staff;
  • introduce self-assessment;
  • reduce the response time to quality problems;
  • develop suppliers;
  • create competence centers for the production;
  • improve the Safety of production;
  • optimize the material flow;
  • develop the personnel.
Minimizing costs:
  • reduction of variable costs in manufacturing (labor input, materials consumption);
  • optimization of capital (stocks, WIP);
  • reduction (minimization) of fixed costs, the costs of ancillary services (maintenance of buildings and structures, heating, electricity, and energy).
Implementing a new industrial system:
  • rhythm of production activities;
  • improvement of production safety;
  • optimization of material flow;
  • development of staff;
  • involvement of employees in the change process;
  • project approach.

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