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Social Policy

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Social Policy

"Taraz Metallurgical Plant" LLP is a large team of associates! We are distinguished by respect, trust, ability to listen and hear each other, fascination with the problems of colleagues and a sincere desire to help them.

The main value of our company is the people working to achieve common goals. Their life and health is the most important component of production activity.

Corporate policy of the company aimed at ensuring the social protection of workers, the motivation for long-term and fruitful work in the Company, and is implemented by granting guarantees and compensations, different kinds of insurance, additional holidays, creating a safe work environment, lean manufacturing policy deployment.

Aimed to provide social support of employees the company has implemented the policy of "Social guarantees" that improves the welfare and quality of life for the employees.

Also, the Company established the trade Union Committee that allows you to have continuous dialogue between the Employer and Employee on labor issues and improving working conditions of employees. These programs provide efficiency and create conditions for social protection of workers form a favorable socio-psychological climate at the enterprise.

One of the priority directions of social policy of "ТМP" LLP is the promotion of healthy lifestyle, creation of favorable conditions for sport, raising the level of cultural development among employees. Active and effective physical exercise is the guarantee of health for any person, therefore sports development is welcomed and encouraged in "ТМP" LLP. Every employee has the opportunity to visit the sports complex where our employees can develop physically and be always in good shape.

"ТМP" LLP recognizes social responsibility as a key priority in the development of the Company. We are confident that good quality of life for people with whom and for whom we work are undoubtedly factors in the execution of strategic plans and policies in the field of labor protection and industrial safety is designed to formulate and to perform the obligations of the enterprise to ensure the health and safety of staff.

We are guided in our activities by all generally accepted standards in the field of labor protection and industrial safety, including the commitments to compliance with legal and other requirements that exclude injury and damage employees health of "ТМP" LLP by reducing to an acceptable and minimal risk levels from exposure to dangerous and harmful industrial factors.


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