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Perfection every day

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Perfection every day

Reaching the status of an Emerging Employer, ТМP LLP continues its path to perfection. The Company launched a program for the implementation of the system of Kaidzen (Lean production, Lean). In the framework of Lean production, we learn to change our thinking, relationship, activities, management, lifestyle, jobs. Today the Company has a group of leaders who have been trained and are implementing a number of projects and activities in the deployment of Lean manufacturing, train the employees of the Company. The actual tools selected as starter projects for implementation are: 5S, standardization and visual management, autonomous maintenance, collection system improvement proposals, competence management and others. Following towards the goals, in the spirit of constant perfection, the Company's corporate policy came to a full merger with the principles of Lean production, highlighted by Masaaki Imai as:

Constant changing is the principle describing the essence of Kaidzen, i.e. continuous small changes in all the spheres of organization, management, logistics, production, marketing, personal relations and so on.

Open recognition of problems where there are no problems, improvement is impossible. The problem should be considered as a gift - when you learn about the problem and get a chance to improve the quality of the product / service.

Promotion of transparency in the company.

Creation of working teams - each employee becomes a member of a work team that implements measures for improvement.

Formation of "supportive relationship" means that for the organization not only financial results are important, but the involvement of employees in its activities and good relations between employees since this is inevitable (albeit not in this reporting period) will lead the organization to high results.

Development horizontally - Personal experience shall become the property of the whole Company.

Development of self-discipline is the ability to control oneself and respect both oneself and other employees and the organization as a whole.

Informing each employee - all personnel should be fully informed about their company.

Training in many specialties, mastering broad skills, etc.

Embedding quality in the process. (Quality should be embedded in the process. Inspection does not create quality)

Standardization. (Methods that allow to consolidate the achieved success)

Deepening into the Lean Production System, we improve ourselves and increase the efficiency of each day. Our task is to live and think in the spirit of Kaizen!


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