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Main Facts

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Main Facts. History of the Company.

1968 Completion of the construction of the phosphorus plant Khimprom-2030. At the plant there are 13 furnaces each with a capacity of 48 MVA.
1991 The collapse of the Soviet Union. Production was stopped.
2006 "Central Asian Investment Consulting Company" LLP acquires shares of the plant and several mining companies aiming to create a vertically integrated production of SiMn.
2007 Started reconstruction of two furnaces No.5 and No.6. As the result the furnace #5 was put into operation in July, 2007. By the end of 2007 another upgraded ore-thermal furnace No.6 was started.
2009 "Taraz Metallurgical Plant" LLP becomes a part of the industrial holding JSC «SAT & Company».
2009 To solve the problem of historical waste processing-phosphate and lime sludge, accumulated at the industrial sites of phosphate industry companies, LLP "Axem Investment" was set up in the structure of the holding.
2011 Completion of the construction and commissioning of two ferroalloy furnaces RKO-25 with modern gas cleaning systems, which allow to provide purification from solid-state emissions by 97%.
2011 On the basis of the Workshop No. 51 of TMZ LLP, "Taraz Electrode Plant" LLP was set up, focused on the production of carbon-containing products.
2012 On the basis of "TMP" LLP the managing operational holding "SAT Energy" LLP is created, later renamed into KazFerro LLP.
2014 "KazCarbon" LLP was set up.
2015 "TarEZ" LLP changes its specialization and is renamed into "SAT Engineering" LLP - focus on construction, production and installation of metal structures. At the moment, there are many large projects of high complexity on the account of the company, confirmation of the qualification requirements of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for construction and housing and communal services.
2017 Reorganization by joining "SAT Engineering" LLP, "KazFerro" and "KazCarbon" LLP to "TMP" LLP.

Today "Taraz Metallurgical Plant" LLP (TMP) is an integrated producer of ferroalloys, electrode mass and phosphate production.
Industrial area is 632 hectares (melting, administrative buildings, warehouses).
TMP infrastructure allows to serve 13 furnaces (total capacity - 400 thousand tons of alloys per year).
Production may include FeSiMn, FeSi, FeMn, low-tonnage ferroalloys.
Current performance of SiMn is 60 thousand tons per year.

"Taraz Metallurgical Plant" LLP participated in different years and continues participating in a number of state programs:

  • "State program on forced industrial and innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014" (Decree of the President of Kazakhstan dated 19.03.2010 №958).
  • "Map of industrialization of Kazakhstan" (Resolution of the Government of Kazakhstan dated 14.04.2010 №303).
  • "Program of developing the mining and metallurgic industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014" (Resolution of the Government of Kazakhstan dated 30.10.2010, №1144).
  • In the list of "Breakthrough projects of the Republic of Kazakhstan" and in the program "30 corporate leaders".
  • In the program «Productivity-2020». (Resolution of the Government of Kazakhstan dated 14.03.2011).
  • The state program "Business Road Map - 2020". Within the framework of this program «TMP» LLP subsidizes the interest rate of the credit loan to support the export-oriented production.

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