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Labor Safety

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Labor Safety

The safety and development of measures aimed at improving working conditions is one of the most important elements of corporate policy an integral part of increasing production efficiency.

Department of Safety and Occupational Health develops and implements comprehensive measures to ensure safety in production, reduce the rate of accidents and injuries in the units. In accordance with the applicable provisions of the law, all employees are provided with the personal protective equipment, clothes and boots. With the aim to prevent occupational diseases the plant employees receive therapeutic - preventive nutrition.

In accordance with the law of Kazakhstan, on a regular basis pre-shift medical examinations of employees and annual compulsory medical examinations of workers are conducted at the expense of the Company.

In accordance with the labor law requirements "ТМP" LLP work places are certified. This assessment allows us not only to objectively assess the picture of the harmful impact of production on employees’ health and to develop comprehensive measures to optimize the harmful effects, to increase productivity, to reduce the risk of occupational diseases, but also provides our employees an additional holiday, which increases the time to rest and restore vitality and health.


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