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Industrial Park Taraz

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Industrial Park Taraz
The private industrial park on the basis of
"Taraz Metallurgical Plant" LLP

Brief information

"Taraz Metallurgical Plant" LLP was created in 2006 on the base of "Khimprom-2030" LLP within the framework of state program of forced industrial and innovative development of metallurgical industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

TMP Specialization

  • Production of the following products: Ferro and silicomanganese - 50 thousand tons per year; electrode mass - 21 thousand tons per year; carbon cold printed mass; crushed stone and sand from metallurgic and phosphorus slag; super phosphate - powdery enriched with micro elements; electric calcined anthracite (thermoanthracite).
  • Location - industrial zone of Taraz city (Kazakhstan, Zhambyl oblast). Covers the area of 642 hectares (industrial, administrative premises, warehouse).
  • ТМP infrastructure allows to maintain the equipment of total power consumption over 500 MW per hour.
  • ТМP services - construction and erection works, production and installation of metal structures, metal working, mechanical processing, and owning the auto park of heavy duty vechiles.

Our Location

Taraz is the city serving to develop your manufacturing business!

  • located on the border of three oblasts of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Almaty, South-Kazakhstan and Karaganda oblasts. In the South it borders with the Republic of Kyrgyzstan;
  • provides a well-developed industrial infrastructure and traditions of industrial manufacturing;
  • provides qualified personnel, engineers and specialists;
  • a modern city with all the conveniences for comfort life, work, active leisure, education and health service for industrial companies employees.

What do we offer?

«Taraz Metallurgical Plant» LLP owns ready industrial infrastructure that can maintain the activity of industrial units:

  • industrial, administrative, warehouse and other premises;
  • heat and water supply;
  • electro energy supply;
  • gas supply;
  • rail access to the basic technological workshops;
  • free access to the highway;
  • Internet and mobile access;
  • first-aid post services;
  • catering services;
  • auto parking;
  • security 24-hour;
  • Accountant and lawyer service, HR services.

About the creation of the private Industrial Park based on ТМP (Brownfield)

Project goals:

  1. To give the project participants the opportunity to develop their business with maximum comfort and minimum costs.
  2. To develop hi-tech and competitive manufacturers;
  3. To create new working places, increase the qualification of industrial organization managers, specialists of industrial spheres;
  4. To increase the tax-payable base in the Zhambyl oblast area and Taraz city;
  5. To attract investments to the Zhambyl oblast area and Taraz city;
  6. To develop relations between regions and countries in the industrial sphere.

Terms and conditions to participate in the Industrial Park

Participants: subjects of small, medium and large business engaged in the production activities.

Project Residents are provided with the opportunities:

Option 1. Creation of joint enterprise on the basis of jointly made ownership of the project participants (the park owner provides the infrastructure for the production, the investor – investment and technology);

Option 2. Acquisition of property, land and production premises equipped with all engineering communications;

Option 3. To purchase the lease of land and production premises for 2 years with a subsequent purchase. The initial payment - 20% of the rental value for the entire period.

Option 4. Lease of production premises and land (a mandatory requirement - the Tenant must incur the costs of construction, repair, reconstruction, modernization of buildings and structures. Costs for repair will be counted as payment for rent.

Cooperation. ТМP cooperation with small and medium business

ТМP is considering the establishment of cooperation on the territory of ТМP with enterprises of various industries (manufacturing, trade, etc.):

  • Sewing or realization of personnel protective equipment and clothes;
  • sale of petroleum products and oils;
  • production or sale of rolled metal (sheet metal, mesh, etc.);
  • production or sale of steel products;
  • production or sale of goods and materials (bolts, nuts, bearings, etc.);
  • production or sale of welding electrodes, oxygen cylinders;
  • production or sale of big-bags, FIBC bags;
  • production or sale of filtering sleeves, etc.

Cooperation with ТМP will allow:

  • development of commercial cooperation with ТМP (stable sales);
  • mutual interest and potential opportunities of partnership;
  • improve enterprise competitiveness and reliability of operation due to the mutual support of the cooperative enterprises and reduce their costs per unit of output;
  • joint or technologically related activities with the aim of saving costs, improve production, improve labor productivity, product quality and production efficiency;
  • pooling of funds for procurement of large quantities of goods at lower prices;
  • joint efforts to promote products sold, which allows to reduce the specific costs per unit of such products;
  • the formation of a unified assortment policy and the establishment of unified requirements to quality of production (example: establishment of laboratory facilities for all participants of the cooperation agreement);
  • warehouse management and other.


The first business incubator in Taraz city will be created within the framework of the support program of small business, and will continue to be a favorable environment for the development of business start-ups (area over 7000 sq. m.)

The basic service of the business incubator is leasing of office and production premises on favorable terms. The cost of rent for residents is from 100 to 300 tng for sq. m per month, depending on period of staying in the business incubator. The remaining rental fee is repaid at the expense of the city budget (option worked).

Residents of the business incubator, in the initial phase (3 months), are provided with the free services that contribute to business development:

  • lease (sublease) of non-residential premises of the business incubator;
  • outsourcing of accounting services;
  • legal services;
  • consulting services for business: incorporation, taxation, accounting, crediting, legal protection and enterprise development, business planning;
  • providing access to information databases needed for residents of the business incubator;
  • marketing and promotional services, information and PR-support, advertising;
  • assistance in organizing participation in exhibitions, forums and other thematic events;
  • search of investors and intermediation in contacts with potential business partners, assistance in raising financing.
  • the provision of professional development and training, training, consulting;
  • postal and secretarial services and other.

Residents of the business incubator can become legal entities or entrepreneurs registered in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan for no more than 2 years.


  • Total production area: 54 489 m2
  • The total area of office premises: 8 340 m2
  • Power supply: 520 MVA (rate - 11 tng for 1 kilowatt)
  • Gas: 1000 m3 per hour (rate - 27 tng for 1 cu. m.)
  • Water supply and sanitation:
    • production water – 400 m3 per hour;
    • drinking water – 420 m3 per day;
  • Sewerage: 41 m3 per day.
  • Railway road: 17.5 km.
  • Distance to town: 2.3 km.
  • Rent industrial buildings from 300 to 400 tenge per 1 sq. m (market rate 500 – 700 tenge per 1 sq. m.)

Photo Gallery of the offered premises

Contact Information

  • Address: 080000, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Taraz city,
    Uchetnyi quarter 031, building 83, (Industrial zone)
  • Phone: +7 (7262) 94-12-50
  • E-mail: info@tmz.kz

080000, the Republic of Kazakhstan,
Taraz city, Uchetnyi quarter 031,
building 83, (Industrial zone)


+7 (7262) 94-12-50
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